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Our company, which we founded in 2013 with approximately 10 years of fair stand experience, has improved ourselves with hundreds of projects we have completed and has successfully completed many fair stand projects, especially in European countries. During this time, we established very good friendships with many company officials, with whom we still work and will continue to do so in the long term. Our business is entirely based on trust. Our promise is to bring the designs we offer to life, one by one. We believe we did this successfully. With this belief, we have included many corporate companies in our reference list. We have produced product display stands for Turkish chain markets, and product display and fair stands to be sent abroad, and we continue to do so. We would love to be your solution partner, shouldering all your stand and decoration works, contributing to your successful work.


Our goal; In our fair stand applications, we do not only meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Knowing more than that means exceeding our customers' expectations. Thus, instead of meeting the needs only at one point, in only one area, it is to provide full service in the field of all marketing and advertising equipment and fair stands that require detail. Fair Stand is a business that does not accept delays. Nothing should be left to the last minute. In other cases, it is possible that the fair stand will not be finished on the opening day. We prioritize timing in our work.We attach importance to team coordination. We cannot undertake loads that we cannot bear. We follow the entire work program in a special way, starting from the ground floor, especially the special exhibition stand, and including visual cladding and cleaning, which is the last stage. We work 100% customer focused. Our biggest goal is to ensure that no effort is wasted in your high-budget fair stand decoration works by our valued customers. We hope to realize together the most beautiful and purposeful fair stand projects that will enlarge us and you. Thank you for reading.

Fair Stand

As BayZ Design, we offer customer-oriented quality service with our professional staff in the fair stand industry.

Our company offers unique designs to fair participants to introduce their products and solutions to visitors from all over the world. At BayZ Design, you can get all the support you need to get the most out of your fair. Read our expert advice to increase your visibility or host the perfect company event. If you have tips to share or would like more information, please contact us.

We are honored to work with you, our valued fair participants, at the point of fair stand solution partnership.  We are at your service with our fair stand services at home and abroad.


As BayZ Design, we do our job with passion. This passion delivers successful results and a positive customer experience. Our years of experience, creativity and dedication to our work distinguish us from our competitors and make us, as BayZ Design, the preferred company within the borders of Turkey and abroad.



We are ready to help you.

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