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Product Display stand

"Creativity is piercing the ordinary to find the extraordinary."

Bill Moyers

Product display stands are stands produced specifically for the product and brand to display and sell a single product, a product series or mixed products or to increase your sales. These stands are grouped as pedestal stands, hanging stands, tabletop stands and tasting stands.

P.O.P Stand (Point of purchase)

What we call "Point-of-purchase" (POP) consists of activities carried out for sales development at the point of purchase where the consumer chooses the product and brand."

BayZ Design

“At this point of purchase  POP activities have two main purposes: reminding and encouraging unplanned purchases. Research shows that consumers make most of their shopping decisions at the time of purchase, without planning in advance. For this reason, in-store POP activities are known to reduce the consumer's need for information at the time of decision-making and increase internal responsive sales.” 

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