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International Fair Stand Applications

Some of Our Completed International Fair Stand Projects

As a Stand Abroad, you can benefit from our Special or Modular Stand Options. These are the projects set up by our own masters.

Overseas fair stand is a design-based project. The designs prepared in a three-dimensional environment for the international fair stand are measured as technical projects one by one from the ground up during the production phase and are produced as technical projects. Contact us for design works where you can showcase your most eye-catching products and services. In this type of work, the cheapness of the stand is entirely related to the design. Some of our customers who request a fair stand compare these designs with each other, even though the stand designs have very different appearances and costs since they are the same in square meters. This is a wrong prediction. If you want to buy a cheap exhibition stand instead, the stand design you prefer should be simple designs that look corporate-style with fewer details. You can easily request all design and production details for more prestigious material production and high-quality design works. Submitting these requests before the design work is carried out will enable you to get faster results. In choosing affordable exhibition stands, we proceed through modular and maxsima exhibition stand designs. Fair stadiums produced with standard fair stand profiles, primarily the modular octanorm system, have the most economical budget. This system, where very stylish and cheap exhibition stand designs can be made based on the design, is the cheapest exhibition stand type on the market. Maksima, that is, square profile exhibition stand type, has budgets between special and modular exhibition stands. We hope that this information will help you make the most suitable choice when requesting your design proposal. As BayZ Design and Architecture, we primarily aim for quality work in fair stand design and production. We prioritize corporateness and embrace each project and guarantee the best service to our customers. We are honored to be your solution partner in your domestic and international fair participation.



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