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Türkiye Fair Stand

"Everywhere in Turkey."
For Rent or Sale Turnkey
Fair AndCongress Stand Service.

BayZ Design and Architecture

We design your stands free of charge for the fair you will attend or want to attend, in any province of Turkey, in any fair area.

We install your approved projects on a turnkey basis in your fairground and dismantle them within time intervals in accordance with the field dismantling specifications.

Our turnkey stand applications include all services that require experience and hard work, such as flooring, furniture, in-warehouse refrigerators, hangers, cabinets, visual printing and applications, lighting and electrical installations, catering, hostess, translator.

International Fair Stand

We offer the same modular, maxima and special wooden stand rental stand services as we do with our foreign branches in Turkey.

In our project process;

We make your designs free of charge, just like in Turkey.

We deliver your turnkey projects, including flooring, furniture, digital printing and applications, lighting and electricity, in-warehouse refrigerators, kettles, hangers, LCDs.

“Türkiye is Everywhere for Us”
Including All Europe
For rentFair Stand Service. 

BayZ Design and Architecture

Product Display Stand

“Full Service at Product Display Stand”
Design | Production | logistics
To all provinces of Turkeytransportation, installation and technical service.

BayZ Design and Architecture


In our 6500 m2 production facility, we design your iron, wood, wire, plexi, vacuum, polyester and fiber stand applications, produce them with a guarantee and assemble them on-site. 

We offer special production, quality and guaranteed stand services for your chain store stands, market stands, pharmacy and gas station stands.

​"FAIR standSOLUTIONyour partner


Our goal; Our fair stand applications are not just about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. Knowing more than that means exceeding our customers' expectations. Thus, instead of meeting the needs only at one point, in only one area, we offer full service in the field of all marketing and advertising equipment and fair stands that require detail. Fair Stand is a job that does not accept delay errors. Nothing should be left to the last minute. Otherwise, it is possible that the exhibition stand will not be finished on the opening day. We prioritize timing and team coordination in our work.We cannot bear burdens that we cannot bear. We follow the entire work program in a special way, starting from the ground floor, especially the special exhibition stand, and including visual cladding and cleaning, which is the last stage. We work 100% customer focused. Our biggest goal is to ensure that no effort is wasted in your fair stand and decoration works of our valued customers. We hope to realize together the most beautiful and purposeful fair stand projects that will enlarge us and you. Thank you for reading.

Special Fair Stand

Stand out from the competition at the fairs you attend with our most eye-catching fair stand designs.

Modular Fair Stand

Do not decide without examining our modular, stylish and useful exhibition stand works.

Maxima Fair Stand

Click for Maxima fair stand, the most beautiful designs that are both prestigious and economical.

Product Display Stand

We prepare prestigious special design works for you that will make your products stand out.

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