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Special Fair Stand

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“The fair stand is your showroom and office that you use during the fair.”

BayZ Design

The stand where you will attend the fair is also like your office or workplace at the time of the fair. The design and workmanship of your exhibition stand and the way you welcome and entertain all new customers you meet during the fair will have a great impact when they remember you later. The quality of the work, design and service provided are more important than the cost of our stand in the fairs we attend to improve our prestige and business or to maintain our current market share. Although the special exhibition stand is a little more costly than the modular stands, it is more prestigious.

modular exhibition stand

As a modular system, there are ready-made materials in different forms on the market. The most important of these are aluset and maxima systems. Although ready-made profiles and standard forms are generally used, special modular stands can also be produced. It is more economical than special stands. 

“No matter how beautiful the design is, the costs should not be ignored.”

BayZ Design

Maxima Fair Stand

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“The fair stand is your showroom and office that you use during the fair.”

BayZ Design

Maxima exhibition stand is a type of stand that can be completed faster than special stands in terms of prestigious installation and production. Although its costs are more affordable than a private stand in terms of budget, it allows you to promote your company and your innovation products and services at a premium level thanks to creative designs. You can review our latest maxima exhibition stand designs on our page. You can get an idea about the customers we have worked with in the past.

Fair Stand: Special, Modular and Maxima Solutions Fair stands are specially designed areas used to promote the products and services of an organization or company at fairs or events, to increase brand awareness and to interact with potential customers. These stands offer companies operating in various industries the opportunity to gain new customers, establish business contacts and interact with existing customers. Special Fair Stands: Special exhibition stands are stands designed to best reflect the brand's unique identity and values. These stands are usually custom-made to match the company's corporate colors, logo and overall design aesthetic. In addition to strengthening the brand image, special exhibition stands also provide advantages in terms of specially designing the stand for its intended use. Modular Fair Stands: Modular exhibition stands are stands that consist of interconnected parts and can be used in different configurations. These stands provide flexibility, especially for companies that frequently attend fairs. The modular design makes it possible for the stand to adapt to exhibition areas of different sizes and shapes and to be expanded as needed. At the same time, they also have the advantage of being portable and reusable. Maxima Fair Stands: Maxima fair stands stand out with their aesthetic and innovative designs that prioritize brand awareness and promotion. Maxima's stands emphasize the dynamic and modern identity of the brand. These stands often include the use of contemporary materials, original design elements and interactive features. Maxima fair stands aim to strengthen brand perception as well as offer visitors an unforgettable experience. Fair stands are a strategic tool not only for displaying a product or service, but also for the brand to stand out and interact with its target audience. Custom, modular and Maxima exhibition stands offer companies a wide range of options, each addressing different needs and objectives. These stands allow brands to be effectively represented at fairs and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

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