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Fair Stand Rental FAQ.

What is a Fair Stand for Rental?

Rental exhibition stands are the stands that we deliver to you after first cleaning in the fair area. You just pick up and deliver your products and belongings to the stand at the end of the fair. We dismantle the exhibition stand you used during the fair and take the necessary parts and the remaining products to our warehouse for reuse.


I Don't Have a Stand Design, I Bought the Area. How Much Will My Fair Stand Cost?

Even if you do not have a fair area, we can give you a m2-based budget according to the fair stand you want in m2. In order to be up to date, you can contact us about your exhibition stand budget and get your current exhibition stand m2 budget.


Which is the Economical Fair Stand?

The economical exhibition stand is the modular system in which everything is disassembled and all equipment is reused, nothing is recycled except the visuals, and the old materials are constantly renewed, followed by the maxima exhibition stand, which are the types of exhibition stands that we classify as economical.


 Do you think a fair stand for sale or a fair stand for rent is more economical?

If the fairs you will attend are limited to one or two during the year, it will be more economical to choose a rental fair stand. If you are going to attend many fairs and your place is always the same square meter and has the same facades or is close to it, you can buy a fair stand for sale many times by paying only the assembly and assembly costs. On the other hand, if you are going to buy a fair stand once, it will be much cheaper to rent it than to sell it.


Are You Working Turnkey?

Yes, we deliver the stand with its first cleaning done, including everything such as furniture, warehouse equipment, multi-media screen LCD.


Is Floor Included? Is Electricity Included?

Yes, you can think of your fair stand as a hotel. We handle all architectural and decorative details regarding installation and dismantling.


Do You Set Up a Fair Stand Outside the City?

Yes, we have fair stand services for rent and sale in all provinces of Turkey, especially in fair and congress centers.


Do You Have Fair Stand Services Abroad?

We provide exhibition stand services for rent and sale abroad, especially in European countries. We serve all European countries from our warehouse and workshop in Germany.

  • Türkiye

  • Istanbul

  • Izmir

  • Antalya

  • Bursa

  • Ankara

  • Gaziantep

  • Kocaeli

  • Germany

  • Dusseldorf

  • Cologne

  • frankfurt

  • Berlin

  • Nuremberg

  • Essen

  • Munich

  • Hamburg

  • sttutgard

  • Hanover

  • Bremen

  • Holland

  • Amsterdam

  • Rotterdam

  • Belgium

  • France

  • Paris

  • barcelona

  • Lyon

  • Nice

  • Marseille

  • America

  • Italy

  • Milan

  • Rome

  • Milan

  • Naples

  • Florence

  • Dubai

  • Train

  • Jordan

  • Russia

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